Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Too much time, too little to do!

Lately, there aren't enough hours in the day. And I'm not sure why. There isn't much that has to get done. Good thing, because I've been accomplishing just that: not much.

I've all but stopped writing anything at all, and I'm so far behind in the podcasts that interest me, that it's not funny. Not funny at all.

We've moved the computer back into the office, where it belongs. Perhaps this will inspire me to work more, and play less. Still having trouble pulling Sharon away from the TV. Oh well; that would just mean sharing the computer more anyway.

Spent a lot of money @ the apple store lately. Picked up a couple of refurb iSights for just about the price of one brandy-new one. Sent one to my mum, for mother's day, so we can all stay in touch. Been thinking of buying a 12" iBook for Sharon. She insists that it would be enough for her, and she's probably right. It just feels weird purchasing a computer weeks before I'm sure they'll announce its replacement. Also finally broke down and purchased iLife '06. So far, I'm not disappointed. Of course, we signed up for dot mac. Five pack, so that the entire clan can get in on the action. Even trying to get my buddy Dave in on it.

Speaking of Dave, Sharon sold him her iPod this past week. I'd been trying to offload my old 30 gig photo since the videos came out. Well, turns out that 4 gigs wasn't enough for her, so she upgraded to the photo, and was able to get $150 out of Dave for the nano. I guess that will pay for some of our new goodies.

Among the other item's, we've also added a paper shredder, scanner, whiteboard and pegboard to our collection of office supplies. Its starting to feel like a real work space, and not just a second bedroom.

Tomorrow, we're going to try to get the house cleaned. We're both off, and I swear, we're not leaving the house till its not a wreck.

I haven't heard anything back about that transfer, but I can't stand constantly being chilled to the bone much longer. I'm sick of the crappy weather, and being stuck in doors.

They're already trying to get me to go back on the road, and I still haven't received the reimbursement for my January trip yet. Ok, ok, its only been 2 weeks since I submitted the paper work, but it wasn't supposed to take this long! I can only hope that the deposit will be made sometime this week.

I wouldn't mind going back to Tainan, not at all, but I'm not sure that now is the best time. Last trip was pretty rough on Sharon & I, and she's let me know that she doesn't want me leaving any time soon.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Here goes my [baseless] prediction for the spec's on the upcoming MacBook. I've never made any such prediction (at least not publicly, but I was close with the new minis, so here goes!

  • intel Core Solo
  • 512mb RAM
  • Combo Drive (super drive option)
  • flash hard disk (w/capacity options somewhere in the range of 10g - 50g)
  • Case made from super thin, super scratchable plastic. (And, I'll buy one anyway.)*
  • 8hr+ battery life
  • Integrated graphics/sound
  • Integrated iSight w/front row
  • Integrated in wireless/bluetooth/100baseT
  • Single button touchpad
  • A couple (not more than 4) USB 2.0 ports
  • No firewire, or only a single FW400 port
  • Magsafe power connector

I'm kinda iffy about the widescreen thing, but that would be nice. The macbook is going to be a cheap, light, less powerful cousin to the MBP. The target market is going to be people who move around a lot, and still need simple notebook features, such as the ability to check email, do reports, surf the net, blog, write, etc.

THIS WILL NOT BE A GAMING MACHINE. Get over it. Gamers have never been the target market for the iBook. Why would Apple start now?

It will, however, be capable of handling applications such as Photoshop or Aperture, albeit slower than the MBP or iMac counterparts... Wait, that makes sense, if you look at the current lineup/past lineups offered by Apple.

The MB's claim to fame will be the flash storage. There really isn't a need for 200gigs of storage in a laptop. Die hard road warriors will be looking to the MBP anyway, students and most average people don't need to take it all with them. And you can always use an external drive/network with another computer to sync your iPod, keep all 1,000,000,000,000,000 of your photos archived, etc. No hard drive means fewer moving parts, giving the MB a boost in battery life. I'd be willing to say 10hrs is possible. I think a 10 or 12 inch edition, sans [internal] optical drive, is a slight possibility, taking Apple in the direction of the ultraportable.

I'd like to think that sometime in the near future we'll see touch senstive screens from Apple. A small (7" screen) tablet would be all the portable computer I need, but its gotta be a Mac.

*I swear, if the resolution is limited to 1024x768, I'm gunna be pissed the fuck off!!! I mean, seriosuly, Apple. I had 1024x768 TEN YEARS AGO on my first computer. Fuckin-A.

Any takers?

Friday, April 07, 2006


I haven't really felt like writing much lately. Not for a lack of things to say, but for a lack of time. I've been constantly moving, it seems like every waking moment was filled by something that got between me and the keys.

I have had ample camera time. Ample as in uploading 1gig of photos to flickr so far this month (In the first 6 days alone!). I've also managed to write a bit, which I hope to get up here sooner rather than later.

Today, I've got motive and opportunity, but I'm still hungover from KS' send off last night. I've had the shakes all day, and it doesn't look like they're gunna let up.

I'll be back in the states next week, and should have the time to catch up on everything then, if I don't get it done this weekend.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Second Life

I was thinking about trying second life, just to see what all the hoopla was about, but there are a few things hindering my trial.

The first is cost. You can get a week free, with a meager allowance, and no property. Or you can shell out 10 bucks for a single month account, if you sign up for a subscription. Awfully expensive for something I don't know if I'll like, esp since there is almost no way to try out the major features of the game, without paying. (Although, I could sign up for a month, then cancel within seven days, and get a free ride...)

Secondly is the suprising lack of usefull info on their site. The entire thing is marketing bs designed to get you interested, but not really answer your questions. Even the offical developers site is very... crappy.

Last, but certianly not least, is the inability to chose your own name. To be more accurate, you can chose whatever first name you want, but the last names are all predefined, and most of them suck. None of them jumped out at me with any sort of enthusiasm at all. Very unimaginative, and definately the deal breaker.

Anybody actualy a member? Tried the game out? What do you think about it?


For some reason one of my posts from today is breaking the javascript functionality... I haven't been able to nail it down just yet, but I have a few ideas. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time weeding through all of the code and everything right now, so its gunna have to wait until I can focus.

Until then, don't be supprised if only a few posts show up.

Honestly, I don't expect this to be a big deal...