Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Knee walking, commode hugging DRUNK

Last night was party night

Needless to say, I don't *remember* staying up till 5am. Aparently neither do Jeni or Trevor, who both called in sick this morning. Poor Trevor. He partied a lil too hardy last night. Just glad that I didn't haveta put up with that. Most of the night is a blur, but that just means it was a good party. I sure am gunna miss these guys. Remind me why we're moving, again...

For family time, we're gunna take my mom, bro, and sis to the outlet mall and then have dinner with my aunt and uncle. They just got a new house. I'm sure they don't mind me posting a link to some pics, so here they be.

Since we slept till 1 this afternoon, here's another look at our week

Here's the new, improved schedule
This Morning recover
This Afternoon family time
Tomorrow Morning pack
Tomorrow evening leave by 6 pm
Friday drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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