Saturday, April 23, 2005

Of Baby Showers & Birthday Parties

Yesterday was spent entirely on the road. We finaly escaped San Antonio about 8 Thursday night, and drove to just past Houston before we stopped for the night. The truck is a real <CENSORED>bitch</CENSORED> to drive, and it eats gas faster than you can imagine.

We pulled into Charlotte this afternoon, in time for Nell's baby shower. Dropped Shay off & met a bunch of people I've already forgotten. My dad & I unloaded the car and went driving around while the women folk did their stuff. After the shower, Pops decided it was time to call it a day & we dropped him off @ the hotel.

For dinner, Shay & I went to a birthday party for this guy, Ben, that she went to school with. A few of her friends were going, and she thought it would be a good chance to see them. Unfortunately they pretty much ignored us--which is usualy the case--and we were the first to leave.

Spent the rest of the night just chillin @ her 'rent's house, watching TV & playing cards. Super exciting, I know, but a welcome change from the last few crazy days. We're probably leaving sometime tomorrow evening, after Shay's dad gets back from Ohio.

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