Thursday, April 21, 2005


We've been running around like chickenless heads all day. There was way more stuff at Jeni & Trevor's than I was led to belive, the 6 boxes that were still in my parent's storage room were buried @ the bottom of the back corner (of course, duh!) and we still haven't picked up the car tow. On top of it all my dad got off work early, and was ready to leave by 4pm. How nice for us. It'll be a few days before he stops bitching about how irresponsible, blah, blah, blah.... We're still gunna make it outta here by 8.

Crap, and we haven't picked up the pics from HEB yet, either. I hope we don't forget.

Here's the new, improved, revised schedule
Today leave by 8 pm
Tomorrow drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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