Sunday, April 24, 2005

Prayin' &Playin'

I got drug to chuch this morning. Yeah, chuch. Not church, there is a difference1. I find it really hard to sit through the service when I disagree with about 50% of what the guy is saying. But I don't go for me, I go for Shay. She deserves support, and she's always given it to me.

We sat next to Lindsay (sp?), she looked like she was doing well. Which is a lot better than last time we'd seen her. I guess I can stop worrying about her. I got the impression that she still doesn't trust me. Well, she speaks to me, and thats more than I get out of most of Shay's friends. I guess I should be happy.

After chuch, we (Shay, her mom, Pops, & I) went to Fire Mountain Grill for lunch. Watching toddlers wrangle bigger-than-they burgers, and the baby girl with the paintbrush hairdo provided the after meal entertainment. Good fun.

Erin called during/after lunch, so we met up with her for some coffee. She seemed to be doing alright. Surviving. Gotta remember to check up on her in a few days, just in case.

Sharon said it best a few days ago. The people she went to school with pretty much do a 180 when they graduate Northside; good kids drink & smoke, and the troublemakers are in school... I say thats what happens when you trap a person in such a tightly regimented Christian environment for their entire lives--they can't function in society.

Like I can function in society...

<CENSORED>Shit</CENSORED>, there goes that theory.

Sharon's dad was home by the time we made it back to the house this afternoon. We played some games, ate some pizza. The plan was originally to head on out tonight, but we decided that leaving in the morning wouldn't affect the ETA much. So we played more games.

Tonight's Score Card

Roy & I: 10
Shay & Roxy: 8

Rummikub Dice
Shay: 34
Roxy: 42
Me: 50 Pops: 34

Roxy: 225
Pops: 255
Me: 245

Shay: 110
Roxy: 115
Me: 130
Roy: 370

1 Church is just the building; chuch is what happens inside on (generally) Sunday morning.

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Anonymous Roger said...

Thank you for your willingness to go to church with her. I hope you will go again. My hope is one day you and the speaker will see more eye to eye on things. I pray for you guys often. I talked with Lindsay and she is doing well. I know she cares for you and is praying with me. She will be moving this summer with her family. Have a good week!!!

5/17/2005 11:57:00 AM  

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