Tuesday, April 19, 2005


“Anything hard isn't worth doing - Homer Simpson” -- My lil bro's t-shirt

We didn't finish packing. We picked up the uHaul (an hour late, without the car tow) and emptied our storage room. What was in a 10'x10' store room now takes up all the ground space in the 24' truck. Says a lot about our packing skills huh? We gave up and washed the car instead. It was way more fun to spray eachother with the hose than lug boxes around. Even my lil sis helped.

My dad has to work Thursday, so we'll be hanging around until he gets off. Shouldn't really affect our arrival time. I hope.

Here's the new schedule
Tonight party
Wednesday Morning pack
Wednesday Afternoon family time
Thursday leave by 6 pm
Friday drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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