Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dream gadget

What does everyone use everyday that pisses them off? Their cellphone, of course! Personally, I hate mine, but if its more than a few feet away I start to feel naked & lost. . o O (makes me wonder if they use crack or something...) Anyway, it seems to me that anyone with as much free time, as little money as me (with no life, can't forget that) can tell you that by the constant barage of non-American phones that kick ass is staggering. If I'd've posted this when I first got the idea, there'd be links and specific fones listed. But I waited too long, so there's not. (I might add some later, if I feel so inclined, but it doesn't really matter anyway.)

Here's what I want MY next phone to do/have (no particular order)

  • Bluetooth
  • I should be able to sync contacts, datebook, todo list, notes etc just by walking near my computer. Without doing ANYTHING. The ability to use my phone as a modem with no wires is also extremely awesome, so that should work to. And not just for my computer, but any bluetooth enabled device.
    In an ideal world, I'd be able to use the same stereo headset to listen to my bluetooth enabled mp3 player, my fone, and any other bluetooth device that has sound out there. And all without missing a call because as soon as the fone rings, it takes priority, returning to my previously scheduled program when I'm done.

    Who likes tapping out words with those tiny keys? I know my parents really suck at it, particularly my dad who can't see shit (read old age sucks!) and other similarly handicapped people (read blind). Wouldn't it be great to use that bluetooth keyboard? I thought so. Especialy if you paid out the ass for this one.

  • MiniSD/Transflash storage
  • You can never have enough storage for those incredibly overpriced apps & ringers!!! Not to mention making that camera 1000% more useful by not having to use those awful provided photo management sites that carriers are trying to pass off.

  • Camera
  • No, it doesn't have to be superpowerful 16.9 megapixels. You wouldn't belive how often its easier to use my fone to take a picture of something at work (rather than disconnect 50 miles of wires because the sitcker you need to read is facing the wrong way) but it doesn't matter because the pic is so blurry that I can't read the label (or its clear enough, but too far away). Video is always nice, but its as unnecessary as we all thought camera fones were in the first place.

    While we're talking about cameras, lets bring up the shitty user interface for sharing/uploading photos. I'm talking about a certian phone company, who will remain nameless, and their lousy system. Its hard to manage your photos online. Its hard to download pics from the site to your computer. Sharing albums from the site is not supported (you have to send people picture mail).

    Who could forget the Share Photo functionality. Personaly the ability to send pics to people's fones is pretty cool. And it works. The problem is when you send pics to an e-mail address, it behaves pretty much the same way as a phone to phone share. Why can't you just e-mail the pics as inline attachments? It would be nice to be able to send multiple photos to my yahoo (or other sites for that matter).

  • Apps & ringers
  • Am I the only person who feels stupid paying 2.99$ a month for apps like msn, yahoo, and aim instant messengers that they've been giving away since the dawn of time (read forever). Yea, I know that you can access all 3 services for free using the fone browser, but those pages suck. I don't know about your fone, but mine supports T9 & autocap. The builtin typing functions (text messaging, entering names, etc...) remembers if you're using T9, alphabet it caps the first word after a period.
    WHY CAN'T THE BROWSER do this?!?! Not to mention the FREE apps that they charge 3 <CENSORED>FUCKING</CENSORED> dollars for. I mean, COME ON people!

  • Ringers: 2.50$ per 30second song clip. Enough said.

  • GPS
  • Most fones these days already have this. With some of them (read nextel) you can actually access this info right off the fone with no extra software. Every fone should have this ability. If you move as much as I do, or put 20000 miles on your car in 10 months, you need an always with you, easy to access GPS.

  • General Rant
  • <RANT>
    Like so many other things these days (read EVERYTHING) the latest & greatest trends in fones doesn't got <CENSORED>shit</CENSORED> to do with you. Carriers don't care what features you want, or they wouldn't cripple your phone before sending it to you. It's all about them and their money, which is really YOUR money. The models released depend on what kind of deal they can get with the manufacturer. They pass the savings on to you by giving you 80 handsets for free when you sign your life away. Personally, I'd rather pay a little bit more and get a phone that I actually OWN instead of just USE. It should be illegal for the phone co (read the man, or big brother) to decide what service you can use your fone on, what features you want, etc... Its just not right.
    Whichever carrier you use, they have you by the balls. That agreement you signed saying you would serve them for 1 or 2 years is golden. Are you gunna go through the hassle of buying a new phone, getting a new number--because trying to port it would be even more hassle--and all that crap once you've had 2 years to get used to what you got? I don't think so. As long as the phone works, most of the time, you'll be happy as a pig in <CENSORED>shit</CENSORED>. But for all the money you give them, shouldn't the service work the way you want? Shouldn't your fone be able to do what you want/need it to? I think so.

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