Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The end of a beautiful relationship

Sharon & I switched to Verizon today.

We'd been having soooooo many issues with sprint lately, the 600$ phone bills, the crappy customer service, and the bullshit surrounding our number change. We were at the mall yesterday morning after I'd gotten off of work, and stopped by the VW kiosk to check out the new EVDO phones they have.

The manager offered us a great deal, including up to 5 phones & a bunch of really cheap accessories. We got a lot of info on plans/features/phones & such, but left without buying anything. That afternoon, I called sprint to see what they'd be willing to offer me to stay with them, seeing as we've had 6 straight months of <CENSORED>shit</CENSORED>ty service & insane billing problems.

The initial offer was “free n&w@7” which they offer everyone. I told them that I wanted my credit limit raised so I could add an EVDO connection card (and about 100$/month to my bill). The supervisor told me that there was nothing that they could do, that the credit limit was handled by computer. When I pushed him about it he informed me that my credit was pretty much locked in when I opened my account. I was 17 when I activted my phone with sprint, but they are still using that information to determine my “credit worthiness”. The guy actually told me that if Verizon was offering such a good deal to go ahead and switch.

So we did.

We went back to the mall, talked to the same woman, and before we'd even paid the bill our new phones were working. It took less than 5 minutes to port our numbers & actually leave satisfied. It was incredible. I'm still rather impressed, and the EVDO is AMAZINGLY fast. I can't belive I put up with Sprint's <CENSORED>shit</CENSORED> for 4 years!!!

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