Thursday, June 02, 2005

A (few) day(s) in the life...

Prompted by the hackaday podcast. (the first one) I rented hackers yesterday. I haven't seen it in quite a while, so I had to re-watch it just to make sure, but yup, its one of the WORST movies ever. Bad acting, lame computer references, and a corny plot all contribute to make this movie just plain bad. That being said, I throughly enjoyed it again, and its clearly achived cult-classic status for a reason. I'd like to thank the guys at hackaday for an... enlightening experiance....

So far we're on a week long shopping spree. Between food, clothes, and random stuff for our apartment, we've blown through almost an entire paycheck. It feels nice to watch the tv (no longer on a plastic box) in my new clothes, but man oh man do I need to work some mad overtime!!! Someone's gotta pay the bills, lol or I'll be mighty comfortable watching the black screen and walking my happy-ass to work.

We're thinking of having my punk lil brother come up for the summer. He's twice the size, twice as stubborn, and twice as dorky as I ever was. Poor guy will NEVER get laid. But maybe if I can get him up here and get some of that beach air (not to mention a few beers) in him, maybe all won't be lost.

You can't possibly have any idea how much not having internet access sucks. But BM5k, you say, how can you post without internet? (You wouldn't be askin questions if you'd a been paayin attention, but *sigh*) I'm suffering with PCSvision as my only source of connectivity. And I do mean suffering. Its slow, unreliable, not to mention I'm not sure I'm not violating my TOS. Anyway, it sucks, and I am getting pretty fed up with it. Too bad I'm broke-read cheap. Now I'm off to encrypt my hard drive; keep an eye out for the man...

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