Wednesday, July 06, 2005

1200am: Harding Rest Area, NJ.

Apparantly, here in the tiny great state of New Jersey, people don't drive at night. Or, if they do, they can expect to NOT be able to use the facilities of the rest areas along I-287. Not only can not take a much needed piss break, there are cops chasing people out of the place. Weary, bladder-strained travelers beware, you too could be one of several people harrassed and chased off public property too! God forbid you actually REST at a REST AREA. Man, I HATE cops.

In other news, I'm 622.8 miles into my approx. 825 mile journey. Not too tired, either. Seems stopping every couple hour to blog helps keep me awake. This trip is flying. It took Sharon & I 16 to 17 hours to get to Charlotte, and I'm not even 12 hours in, with about 200 miles to go. Lets see, I've gone a measly 108.2 miles since tanking up, which makes for around 54mph.

I'm going to stretch again and get back on the road.

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