Saturday, July 16, 2005

The way of things part 1

As anyone who felt obligated to read this blog would know, I work for a semiconductor company. Only a couple of those aforementioned few know what that even means.

It is this group of demi-nerds that I'm about to bitch to.

First and foremost, my slave driver employer caters to the likes of IBM, Intel, and Samsung to name a few. I would assume that any company that does what we do for these people would be, to be blunt, part of the Infornation Age.

Alas, that is not the case. The archaic attitude taken by this company toward the very industry it drives is down right depressing. Anyone had to use the software, sites, and network we must would about die.

I, for one, <CENSORED>fuck</CENSORED>ing hate it.

Dependance on all things proprietary is the norm. Bloated, overpriced applications are the status quo. Add in nightmareish network and systems design, supported by an incredibly stupid security policy, and you'll have an idea of our technological work environment.

Stay tuned for an app by app rant!

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