Friday, August 19, 2005


While archiving & trying to back up my data from my main drive, I created an archive of my entire pictures folder. All 1000 summod images, most of which aren't anywhere else anymore. While it was running, I archived my addy book.

Then I moved both to my iPod's root directory where they would be nice & safe. I left the copy running over night, more because I had a ton of stuff to do than by plan...

When I came back, the copy was done, and since everything else was already in place, I ejected my iPod & restared off the OSX install disc.

After an uneventful install, and subsequent downloading frenzy of both updates & lost applications, I sat down to restore everything that had been misplaced beforehand.

This is where it gets ugly... When I extracted the zip file containing my address book backups, only one file came out, named address (no extension) and it was incredibly small (12k). Certianly not my list of a couple hundred contacts. (everyone I've ever known). Needless to say, nothing happened when I tried to import this decroded piece of crap into Address Book.

I'm not too upset by the loss of my addy book. Sure, it was the most complete/updated/whatever, but I still have a fairly accurate copy of the most important contacts in both my gmail & yahoo accts, so not much is lost.

When my pictures folder(s) extracted as a single 28k file called MyPics; however, I just about lost it.

I've all but given up hope.

I downloaded a few shareware recovery apps, but most of them seem to work only right after the file was accidentaly deleted. I've formated the drive, installed an OS, and encrypted my home folder since then. (It wasn't encrypted before, but the fact that it is now isn't going to make the recovery process any easier.) Not to mention downloaded & installed several applications.

I'm going to attempt recovery with the shareware apps, but I'm not holding my breath. I can't count the hours I've spent getting all of those images together. Not only almost every shot taken with our digital camera since we got it @ the end of May, but almost every single pic I've taken with my camera phones over the last 2 1/2 years also. Most of them aren't anywhere else.

Its a sad, sad day :(


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