Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I commented on...

A new feature!

From now on, I am gunna post links to things that I've left comments on, and what I had to say. That way people who read the comments on those other sites, but don't read my blog (shame on them anyway) don't miss out on what my opinnion... . o O (because its soooooo important, lol)

  • Time-shifting DST
  • from Engadget

    The entire DST issue assumes that people are only up during the day. This is utter nonsense. Many people, myself included, work strange schedules. I already have to remember what times businesses open and close, AND I have to change my f*cking clock too. Not everyone conforms to the 9 to 5 schedule. Not only that, but it screws with my head when its still daylight at 10pm... So just leave my clock alone! Don't these people have a budget to balance, and a war to worry about?!?!

  • Dave Matthews, Foo Fighters, Won’t Play in iTunes
  • from DigitalMusic

    Then just buy the songs from itunes... problem solved, lol

  • The Gap Gives Away iTunes Tracks
  • from DigitalMusic

    As a consumer, a 1 month trial of napster would suck, because all the music that you've downloaded would be worthless unless you continued to pay the fee, leaving you with less than a free song. <CENSORED> Fuck </CENSORED> napster

  • Change the login window background in Mac OS X
  • from TUAW

    Yeah, because everyone knows that whoever steals your laptop would never wipe the hdd and reinstall the os. Or chop your box up and sell it as parts


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