Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lemonade Tycoons

Today, on the way to drop Sharon off @ work, I drove past a few kids runnin' a lemonade stand a few blocks from the beach.

On the way home, I stopped in for drink & a quick conversation.

I spoke with brothers Paul (8), Patrick (5), Joseph (5), & Francis (2) and their parents, Micheal & Helen-Marie Langton from Framingham, MA. Here's what they had to say: (Paul did most of the talking for the boys.)

ME: Where are you from?

Micheal: Framingham

ME: How long are you going to be in Gloucester?

Paul: A week. A week starting Saturday, and ending Saturday.

ME: What brings you to Gloucester?

Paul: Vacation

Micheal: Business. *waves hand around* The lemonade business. You guys are here to work.

ME: Do you come here for vacation every year?

Paul: Pretty much every year.

Micheal: Every year since you've been around, anwyay.

ME: How do you like staying so close to the beach?

Paul: We like it. We like Wingaersheek Beach. Its a good beach. But right here isn't a good place to sell lemonade. People just go speeding by.

Paul: We caught a blue claw crab.

Micheal: And some minnows.

Patrick: And a hermit crab.

Joseph: And some sand dollars, we're cleaning them off on the deck.

Paul: We went to Rockport. We went to Rockport, and Patrick got a HUGE lollipop!

ME: What gave you guys the idea for the lemonade stand today?

Paul: The landlords already had the sign, we just changed it. We changed the price and added a few things.

ME: Who made the lemonade?

Everyone: Dad!

Micheal: I did.

Paul: Patrick made the snowflakes, and Joseph drew the lemons.

ME: So do you boys have a secret family recipe for lemonade?

Paul: Uhm. Water, lemons, and sugar. Oh, and ice.

Micheal: You gotta keep the seeds in there, too. So its authentic.

During the course of the “interview” another couple, Anne & Pete of Reading, PA stopped in for a drink.

As Helen-Marie (mom) put it, “[Its] a great business.”

And it certainly was. I was surprised at how the involved the whole family got in the business. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. I really enjoyed the lemonade, and the interview.

There are pictures to go along with this story. Helen-Marie was kind enough to take pictures with her digital camera, when she sends them to me, I will post them here.


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