Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lotus Notes

I hate lotus notes.

As mail clients go, its worse than Outlook.

As corporate databases go, its worse than Access.

When you use it for both. The suck factor increases exponentionaly. Today's feature is Date Sorting. The way it works is, we use the notes databases to store records for each machine. This includes the daily logs. On most of the machines this isn't a problem--just annoying--but when working on an engineering tool, as we have been this weekend, things get messy. This machine has been on site for over a year, almost 2 to be exact. The daily notes are sorted by month, then day, then year. This means that pressing NEXT on the entry for 08/08/2005 takes you to the entry for 08/09/2003. Very aggrevating when you are trying to go through the previous months' entries.

Not to mention the idiocy of the entire daily log system, that's a different matter entirely...


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