Wednesday, August 31, 2005

School. Money. Credit. Issues.

I've posted about it before; trying to get into school, that is.

I've been accepted to ITT Woburn, MA. I've taken out a couple federal loans but they are more like too little, too late than financial aid. The way it works is you get SOME of the money a few weeks after the start of class. You don't get the rest of the loan until later. This means I still have to come up with the entire first semester's tuition within a couple weeks.

I've also filled out all the forms at work to get tuition reimbursement. I have a signed form that says they'll pay as long as I get a 2.0 or better in each class. 100% reimbursement. Tuition, books, and fees.

I've started filling out the Montgomery GI bill forms as well. That's another grand a month in my pocket; provided I maintain full time status.

So it boils down to go to school, get paid. Unfortunately I can't afford the rather steep tuition out of pocket. I make too much money to qualify for grants. My credit is too crappy to get a loan on my own.

The plan is to get into class, and use the GI money to get caught back up on all the stuff thats been juggled since I got out of the Navy last year. And maybe even build up a savings.

However, that all requires me to pay for the first semester up front. (Technicaly, I have like 3 weeks after the first day to pay up.)

On top of it all ITT is very expensive. Damn near $400 a credit hour. Plus fees. Thats just shy of $40, 000 for an Associates Degree. Shocked the crap outta me...

Anyway, I am supposedly getting a credit for some of my military training, which is what drew me to ITT in the first place. Hopefully it won't take me more than six months to complete the program. I've already tested out of one class, and plan on taking every test they don't give me credit for.

I'm really stressed about paying for it though. My family has a history with being credit risks. And now I'm struggling. I've tried really hard to keep myself ahead, but there are some things you just can't control. We're still doing the balancing act with things. Its so easy to get behind, but we've been trying to catch up for over six months. Going to school while I have the chance to double dip might be the thing that gets us back on our feet.

While I was in the Navy, I wasn't very satisfied with my job. I felt trapped in a dead end. Since I got out, my entire life has changed. I'm much happier. I'm still not doing my life's work but at least I feel like I'm working toward something. Making progress. Thats why I took this job in the first place. I was making money in SA. But it wasn't steady by any means. Now I have the opportunity to climb up a little.

I just hope I haven't already fucked this up...


Blogger Shay said...

I've told you before and I'll tell you again. Things will work out. It may not be in our timing, but if it's supposed to happen, then it will. I love you so much and am here to help you with everything you need. Try to look ahead and stay encouraged. We can do it.

8/31/2005 01:58:00 PM  

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