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I've noticed a lot of the blogs I read have introduced a linking blogs feature. Not quite sure how it works, yet, but its supposed to list all the posts that link to that specific post. Sounds pretty cool. Lets see if it works.

  • From Unofficial Google: Google's Lack of Integration
  • Posted Aug 1, 2005, 11:31 PM ET by Brad Hill

    I haven't finished reading the post yet, but I've already got my 2 cents to add. I think google would be better off buying/releasing an all-in-one messenger client rather than creating yet another proprietary format.

    Even if they wanted to introduce their own IM scheme (hopefully integrated with their other services I already use) then they'd be better off releasing a multi-service client to go with it.

    Or, better yet, with the quality of today'sopen sourcee/free multi-service software, they could develop the service, and release an API.

    This would make it easier for the authors of these programs (AdiumX, gAim) to integrate the new service into their apps.

    Now that I've finished reading, I feel I should mention that I like Google.

    One of the reasons I no longer use Yahoo is the super-simplistic ideology that surrounds the Google site. While the different Yahoo services are “more integrated” I think the result is a much more clutered experiance. I think it would be foolish for google to risk offending their user base by trying to be more like Yahoo.

    Simplicty rules. If integration is Yahoo, then I'll settle for divergence.

  • Elsewhere:
  • Rockstar Games gets <CENSORED>bitched</CENSORED> at by some idiot attorney. Tho say that violent video games breed violent children is insane. If this guy is so upset he doesn't have to buy the game for his kid, but who the <CENSORED>fuck</CENSORED> is he to tell me what I can't buy for myself/my kids. As a lawyer, I'd expect him to be more educated. What a dickhead.

    . o O (How's that for a convincing argument? heh. So, there!)

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You do not have to look far to see that violence begets violence.

    8/02/2005 10:31:00 AM  
    Blogger BM5k said...

    i disagree. Violence begets retribution. Killing someone in an animated virtual world, no matter how realistic, begets NOTHING. No one you shoot in GTA 3 is gunna come looking for you.

    To say that a game, or a movie, or a show that depicts violence causes people to become more violent you must include other forms of broadcast: newspapers and books, and I haven't seen any lobbyists trying to take "Fight Club" off the shelves of Barnes & Noble.

    Show me a person who thinks that what happens on TV is reality, and I'll show you at least one, if not two parental failures.

    8/02/2005 10:36:00 AM  
    Blogger BM5k said...

    Man, I really hate the option to post anon. IMHO if you have something to say, put your name on it. Anything else implies shame. And if you're ashamed of what you have to say, don't waste my time or yours.

    8/05/2005 10:41:00 AM  

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