Monday, September 12, 2005

Cell Phone. Woes.

I lost my cell phone.

Sometime between 4 & 730 this morning, it dissappeared. I say disappeared because Dave & I looked all over the place at work this morning. We spent about an hour total going through each room I'd been in last night at work. Even ones that I hadn't been in since the time of my last call.

I'd been clipping it to the front of the machine. At first I was panicked at the thought that I'd left it in the machine. I had several diffferent images running through my head of what my phone would look like after being subjected to 80KeV environment for sevreal hours.

I actually had to go back & ask the 1st shift tech to shut down the machine so I could open it up & look for my cell phone. That alone is going to be hard enough to live down. Luckilly it wasn't in there.

Anyway by 9am I'd all but given up hope. I called Verizon & had them suspend the phone. They blacklisted my ESN, so the phone can't be activated by someone else, and no one can make or recive calls. I've got the phone insurance, but it costs $50.00. I guess I'll have to wait till payday (Thursday) to submit the claim.

Looks like I'll be phoneless for about a week. I'm already going through withdrawl. All I can say is, at least I still have my iPod.

I will say that I've been thinking about the pleasant things I'm gunna do if I find out someone stole my phone. I mean, its totally belivable that I just forgot where I put it. But if someone took it, and I find out, I hope I can remember where I put the plans for revenge!


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