Tuesday, September 06, 2005

FCC, Censorship, and Religion

<RANT> Mind your own <CENSORED> fucking </CENSORED> business. Quit trying to force everyone else to conform to your standard of acceptable. If you hear something you don't like on the radio, or see something you find inappropriate on the TV, change the <CENSORED> fucking </CENSORED> station. </RANT>

This is America. You remember that whole free speech bit? Its dead. The FCC meets with Religious Leaders to determine what is and what isn't acceptable for use over the air.

This is ludicrous. First off, the FCC is a government body. Seperation of church & state, anyone? Secondly, everone's right to be offended ends at the tip of their nose. Get off your high horse. Just because you find it offensive/repulsive/disgusting doesn't mean I will.

Censorship, in any form, is evil.

No one makes you watch. No one makes you listen. Quit runining entertainment for those of us with open minds.

It starts with things like "bad words" then its "bad books"... By teaming up with organized religion to pervert our communication we're forcing everyone to adhere to that religion's views. Something we're supposed to be free from in this country.


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