Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Day of School

Well, against my better judgement, I went to class today anyway.

Still haven't found out how I'm going to pay for it, but I talked to Pops & Shay's dad, and they both said that we could figure out something.

I think the plan is for me to talk to the financial aid lady tomorrow & see about getting on some sort of payment plan, if possible. I need to call the bank, but I know what they are going to say. I wish my dad would just call.

Anyway, enough of that. The first day went well. The class I'm taking is Problem Solving for Technical Professionals. Sounded... I dunno... What it DIDN'T sound like was introductory math. But that's pretty much what it is. Math for dummies. And I'm not trying to make it sound like the people who need it are idiots or anything, just that its way below me. And not what I was expecting at all. I rushed to the registrar's office immediately after class only to find out that once you've started a class, you can't test out of it.


So I guess I'm stuck!
I have another class tomorrow, Strategies for the Technical Professional judging by the book I got yesterday, this is pretty much the same class as Intro to Personal Computers that I already tested out of. I'm debating calling Stacy--the registrar--and seeing if I can take this test today. I probably should. One gimme class is more than enough for me! Besides, the worst that could happen is I'd have to take it anyway. Not to mention that the tests are free.


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