Thursday, September 01, 2005

Podcasting for the Ancients

I'm always trying to introduce my friends & family to new tech stuff. I've been kicking things at my Uncle for a while, but since I left home, its been more difficult to share things. Mostly because I can't show him how to do stuff, or set it up for him. He's by no means stupid, or even computer illiterate, but he is in his 40s, and learns better by being shown.

Here's a transcript of a conversation this morning where I try to introduce him to the world of podcasting.

(07:18:30) BM5k: Have you heard of podcasting?
(07:18:43) colt357911: yea.. but i dont have one..
(07:19:30) BM5k: lol... Podcasts are free radio shows. You don't need an iPod to listen to them.
(07:20:16) colt357911: cool
(07:21:52) BM5k: Yeah... I've been addicted for a while.
(07:22:40) colt357911: do you download the show... or listen to them live?
(07:23:00) BM5k: I download them.
(07:23:43) BM5k: I use iTunes. They have a large community & a system for searching, subscribing, and downloading.
(07:24:48) BM5k: They're delivered like shows... My computer downloads every episode as its released, and keeps the ones I haven't listened too yet, and the last 5 episodes.
(07:25:18) BM5k: BTW I'm jammin to Born on the Bayou right now.
(07:25:45) colt357911: cool..
(07:26:36) BM5k: But you don't need iTunes to listen to podcasts, either. A lot of sites publish their episodes as MP3s on their site. All you gotta do is download them manually.
(07:26:59) colt357911: cool............
(07:27:10) colt357911: are they big files?
(07:27:14) BM5k: There are a bunch of other apps out that let you download episodes automatically, but iTunes has the largest directory & community.
(07:28:10) BM5k: It depends, a few of the shows I listen too are about an hour long. But typicaly they're really compressed. Because its mostly voice, you don't need great quality, so you get pretty decent file size.
(07:28:37) colt357911: cool
(07:28:50) BM5k: I just checked one of my shows, Off the Hook, its 59 minutes long, comes in at just under 7 megs.
(07:28:54) colt357911: well imm gonna get ready for work... and get more coffee...
(07:29:05) BM5k: kk... Talk to you later man. Have a good one.
(07:29:16) colt357911: alright..
(07:29:18) BM5k: & thanks for sending me those songs!


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