Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today's to-do list

I think I'm gunna be checking out the local area for free wifi access today. Armed with my thinkpad & a lot of free time, it shouldn't be that hard to find at least a few APs in the area.

This is really step 1 of a much, much bigger scheme to get the entire area of downtown covered with free wireless internet. Gloucester is a pretty big tourist attraction, at least within MA. During the summer I've seen a HUGE increase in the number of people in & around town, not to mention swarming the local beaches. Surely there must be a large portion of tech savvy people who just can't go on vacation without their daily fix.

Personally, I'm out to make sure I can surf/blog from as many different places as possible. With all this free time, sitting in public sure beats being holed-up at home. Not to mention, most places have free refils.

I'd like to add a combination of Javascript & CSS to the blog to show/hide the comments on each post, that way you don't have to link to read the comments, but they are still out of sight unless you're interested.

It shouldn't be too hard. I've done a lot of work in the past with layers & visibility, so hopefully I can get this change done today. I'll also be implementing it on Watch, Read, & possibly even Play.

Update 12:11pm

Well, that sucks. Walked downtown to check a couple places along main street, only to find that both coffee shops' "free" WiFi was indeed locked down, and required login.

Got back to my apt, hopped in my car, drove to a third coffee shop. Once again, you were required to login to access the web.

So I drove to the dreaded McDonalds.

Same story.

Every place that was listed on google local as having free wifi was actually a pay service.

Those that know me won't be supprised to hear that I got frustrated & came home. Might not have AC or unlimited caffine, but at least I can surf. Not to mention walk around naked.


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