Monday, October 17, 2005

Concepts, ideas, & thoughts.

I keep making vague references to the things that I wanna do. I'm afraid someone will rip me off. As far as I know, most of the ideas I have are original. There is one concept that's an inspired variation on a theme, but I'm pretty sure the rest are just as odd as I.

The concepts I am working on now are 3 "community" sites, a couple of games, and a few services that I could offer.

The communities, to remain vague and general, relate to stories, cars, and blogs.

My concept for stories is in part inspired by my friend Trevor's short story site, and partly because I can't write for shit. That's all I have to say about that.

The cars concept stems from recent personal experiances.

I am working on (so far only in planning stages) a blog application. Mostly for fun/practice, but inspired by the things in blogger that I either like or hate. I've started working on the database that could possibly support this.

I am also conceptualizing a couple of games. The first has been very neatly planned out on paper. If only I could find those napkins... The other has been discussed and tossed about and is a direct retaliation at Urban Dead.

Selling out

I am currently planning on releasing them all under this domain (not their own sites). I plan on selling discrete advertising, along with memberships. I'm thinking of several very adaptave, not to mention cheap pricing schemes. I know how it is to miss out on something otherwise cool because I can't afford it. Not only that, and I don't want to scare people away from some no-name guy who's charging outrageous fees to view his hobby...

If I wasn't looking to spend several thousand dollars on equipment for this hobby, I'd probably not charge anything. But then I'd just be stuck with a real job. But that's another rant.

The point

If you're a frequent reader, stick around. If you've stumbled across this page whilest bored surfing, bookmark it & check back later. There's good things afoot... If only I can stay on my feet...


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