Friday, October 28, 2005

Party Update

Just to make sure everyone's gotten all the info:

If you need our address, let me know

We're on the 2nd floor. Parking is on-street, and will probably be a premium. There *may* be room to park in the driveway on the left side of the house, but this is only a maybe. If you need a ride to/from the train station, chances are pretty good that someone can help out. Gloucester is small, and I think we're only a few dollars away by cab should everyone pass out drunk before you need a ride...

Anyone who gets drunk will not be allowed to drive. I won't be responsible for anyone's stupidity.

Sleeping space is on a first-fall basis. We've got hard wood floors, so if you plan on crashing here, I suggest bringing something (or someone) soft to fall on.

Here's what we've got now:

  • a lot of cheesy decorations
  • an asston of candy (about $40 worth)
  • Liquer: A bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey, a bottle of Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum, and a small bottle of Blavad vodka.
  • Beer: 12 (maybe not by the time you get here) miller light, cans
  • Sodas: 2-liter Coke, Orange Soda, and Ginger Ale
  • Homeade sweet tea, homade ginger tea

We don't plan on serving any food. There's just too many people...

What to bring:

  • Food/beer/liquer/money
  • Yourself
  • Costume
  • If you plan on sleeping here, stuff for that
  • Gag gift

If you decide that you can/will bring something, let me know so that I can let everyone else know. I'd also like to get an idea of how many people are showing up...

I still need music/movie suggestions!!!


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