Monday, October 17, 2005

Projects... Erh, a life rant


There are several projects that I have been tossing around in my head for quite some time. Things that I want to do with my website. Things that I can do to create traffic. Things that I can do to make money.

Yes. Make money. I want you netziens to pay me to do what I like doing. Web development. Not because I'm greedy, but because I need money to get these things done. My primary comptuer is a very outdated Mac G4. I either need to upgrade or buy a new computer. I also need to seriously look at changing web hosts.

Don't get me wrong, I like my current host... Well, let me explain:

A buddy of mine who's a professional web designer has a server that he gives me space on. Its a windows box with CF server & MSSQL. Everything I need. The problem is that I haven't had access to my DB in several months, making it hard for me to start working on all these grand ideas.

What it really boils down to is I can't complain because I'm already getting a lot for not much anything, and I can't afford the cost of moving my site elsewhere. Not yet.

What I would like to see happen is to get some of these ideas on the web. To get beta versions of a few of the things I wanna do up so people can see what I've got going on is more than a blog & a "under construction" page. But I find it very hard to code without a database to test against. Fellow web programmers probably know what I mean here, I only feel comfortable going so far without having a firm knowledge of the database I am coding for, lest I leave out some major detail.

A means to an end

Ultimately, I'd like to do web design for a living. I'd like to have a small firm of my own, maintain a few sites/apps & do design & hosting for small businesses.

There is no way I could afford to make the jump now. I have way too many bills, and not anywhere enough money.

Enough whining, where are the concepts?

See my next post.


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