Friday, October 21, 2005

Work news

With the increased threats of worms, viruses, and spyware which can negatively impact the integrity of VSEA's electronic data, we have implemented a program which will block all file transfers using external Instant Messaging packages, such as AOL, Yahoo or MSN. VSEA discourages the use of Instant Messaging packages outside of the corporate standard Lotus Notes Instant Messenger package, and any file transfers using these nonstandard Instant Messaging packages are not secure. While there may be limited business needs for these messaging applications, any file transfers to external partners must be performed using the corporate Lotus Notes E-mail program (for messages under 5 MB in size) or corporate approved file transfer packages for larger files. File transfer attempts using Instant Messaging packages will be blocked and logged to our network logging system. If you have questions regarding this policy, or need assistance in transferring files, please open a Track-IT ticket using the "Data/File Access" category.

Hot off the proverbial wire. Seems ridiculous to me, but that's because I've used the LN IM client, and it leaves a lot to be desired... Is this kind of policy the corporate world-standard? I'm still new to this whole big corp environment.


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