Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Google Reader

I stumbled across this while trying to read some RSS feeds the other day from the recently tightly locked down VSEA interweb.
This is a great program, and even though most of the RSS feeds were blocked by the VSEA hellhounds, I found an interesting way of avoiding them.

Step 1: Google with site: inurl:xml (or rss, depending on the site)
Step 2: Right click and choose Copy Link Location
Step 3: Paste the link into the Feed URL of Google Reader's subscribe panel

You should notice that instead of it pastes in a lot of wierd shit. This wierd shit is the trick, its a link to the Google cache (I assume) of the feed you're trying to view. While it may result in a delay in new feed items showing up, it completely bypasses my corporate web-nazi.

The above works with FireFox, if you don't have it: GET IT!


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