Wednesday, November 09, 2005

iTunes & Podcasts

Having more issues with iTunes

The playlists "New Podcasts" does not contain any songs playable by Party Shuffle. Are you sure you want to choose this playlist?

The smart playlist has 3 requirements, Podcast is true, Kind contains ""audio file", & play count is 0.

The idea is that I could catch up on all of my podcasts while working, without having to keep going back into iTunes to double click on files. The problem: when playing podcasts from the podcast section of your library, at the end of the file the playback stops. There is no automatic track advance. First step was creating the playlist, so all of the files were in order, and all of the videocasts were removed. This worked quite well, but again, playback stops after each track.

For someone so addicted to my Mac, my iPod, & iTunes in general, I am becomming seriously pissed off at Apple, for what I feel are idiotic issues with the software that I use the most.


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