Thursday, December 22, 2005

200th Post!

Thats right, yet another milestone reached! I'm all about pushing the limits.

I think its fitting that I should devote this post to the tools that have made my last few posts happen. The Google extensions for FireFox.

These official tools are great additions to any FF based browser (including Deer Park). Check them out [ here ]. I especially like the Blogger Web Comments, which displays comments from blogs (not just blogger, either) that link to the URL in your addy bar. It also has a nice interface for blogging something up, quick like.

As a matter of fact, all but one of my posts today has been made with this tool. I have, however, had to go back and edit the HTML it generates, because it seems to have some formatting bugs.

<EM> & <STRONG> tags seem to get transformed into simple <SPAN>s. And there's a tab inserted after every tag. And for some reason it doesn't transmit  s...


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