Thursday, December 22, 2005

All hail our Google overlords!

News feeds on the home page, personalized search results (showing how many times you've visited result sites), news feeds in gmail...

My entire netsistance begins and wraps in and around Google. I've given them most of my personal info, and with my search preferences, and email accounts, and instant messaging (not that I use Google Talk that much, but hey...), they probably know more about me than I do.

And I'm strangely comfortable with it. Yes. Google could take over the world. But for some creeped out reason, I don't seem to mind all that much. I trust them. The way I trust my Mac. The way I trust my DS. It just works. 90% of the time. Search, email, news, blogs, everything with a simple synergy that Yahoo! and MSN and AOL just can't touch. Can't even dream about.

I'm beginning to think that there are two sides to the netsphere. The myspace party, and the google party. Those in the myspace camp seem content to use less capable, less technicaly advanced, less free services such as AOL and MSN because they are popular. The way people who own PSPs trash talk the DS, these myspacers are completely wrapped around high resolution crappy content, while ignorant of the lower-res high quality that's right around the corner.

Those of us camped out with Google are the social rejects. We understand that somewhere, there's real information. We're Mac cultists, we love simple things, we love elegant design, we're addicted to nifty quirks and standards compliance. The way Google embraces FireFox entertwined with the true spirit of the interwebs. Freedom.

The ability for anyone, on any system, to create, share, consume and digest information that may only be important to them. And Google makes that easy. In a stunningly beautiful way that could never be done before.

Then there's Yahoo! They had the chance to be Google, but they just don't understand the kind of sexy simplicity that literally is Google. Compare [ Yahoo! ] to [ Google ]. Enough said.

The fact that Yahoo! beat Google to the Flickr and Konfabulator punches shows that they at least have an idea of what's going on, and how to get there. But the way they've already started corrupting these amazing products is remincent of how AOL <CENSORED> fucked </CENSORED> up every good product they could get their hands on (ICQ, Winamp, just to name a few).

The Flickr people realize this, and even let you know when you sign in without a Yahoo! ID that you're " You must be old skool. Rock On."

If someone is going to become our robotic overlords, shouldn't it be Google? At least then I'll be content with their services to realize that they've stolen my soul. And isn't contentment what its really all about? All hail our Google overlords!

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