Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bottle Mail Tag

I've started a game of tag in Animal Crossing Wild World.

The idea is simple, really. I've released a handful of bottle mail messages, each starting with the line Tag!!! You're It! and containing an AOL IM account that I created just for this purpose (BottleMailTagger). If you send a message to BottleMailTagger, you'll recive a link to this post, and a link to the frappr map that I set up, also just for this purpose.

In case you don't know, frappr is a simple, easy, free way to set up a googlemap for anything. No, you don't have to put in your address, so don't worry, you just put in your zip code.

The whole point is something like this: you get tagged by me, you add yourself to the map (including the name of the person that tagged you). Then you send out a bottle mail message with the name that you used on the map, and either this URL (which is gunna be long), or the frappr page url (, or simply AIM:BottleMailTagger. Then, the resourceful person you've tagged then adds their info to the frappr group, and the cycle continues.

This is purely innocent fun, and entirely useless. Well, almost. I think it will be cool to see just where our messages are washing up.

You don't have to wait to get a message from me to start playing, but please, only add yourself to the map AFTER you've been tagged by someone else!

Worst case, no one plays. Best case, we all wind up with a few more people on our friends list (so far, mine's still empty!)

Check out our Frappr!

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