Thursday, December 29, 2005

My first trip!

This Just In

I just got the call; my first trip for work has finaly come along!

I'll be going to Hiroshima, Japan to do man on site (on site customer service) for a month with one of our new customers, Elpida.

I'm really excited. First off, I've always wanted to go to Japan. Also, I'm a bit behind schedule for my first trip, I got hired almost a year ago. Most of the people that started with me have already been on a trip, even some of the newer guys! Not that I haven't been begging to go anywhere. It's also very good timing for Sharon & I, since I'll have to pay for everything out of pocket. (Got denied by AMEX for the coporate card; go figure.) Luckily, the travel advance will be pretty big, and the travel group will pick up my plane ticket.

I'm also kinda curious as to why they're sending me alone for my first trip. Perhaps since its a man on site (not an install). Either way, I guess someone feels that I don't need a babysitter. Which makes me feel better. Or maybe its because of all that shameless self promotion I put on my annual review a few weeks ago. Maybe they wanna see if I can really do all that shit I said. Or maybe the fact that I bitched about not getting a trip got noticed.

Regardless, I'm stoked. Sharon-not so much. She's very attached, and hates when we're apart. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we spend sooooooo much time together, and we still don't know tons of people here. I know she can hack it, she's a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for. I guess she still hasn't figured out that she doesn't need me around all the time. Probably has something to do with the fact that she never had to live on her own. I guess she doesn't realize (or remember) how well she got along last spring.

You hear that, babe? You can do it!

For the rest of you who can't live without me--I know you're out there--I've taken a few steps to ensure that you can harass contact me from the States. Of course, you could always e-mail me. That's the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to let me know you care, without interupting my otherwise empty schedule. If you *must*, feel free to leave me a message on my cell phone. Thanks to the services of Got Voice, I can get my messages on-line. (BTW the service kicks ass, if you trust your voicemail pin to a website.) As always, you can call me via Skype.


Blogger BM5k said...

I've also gotten a Japanese prepaid cell phone (thanks to Vodafone). Skype can automagically forward my calls to it for the standard Skypeout rate, which is really cool.

Oh, and since incoming calls are free in Japan, it doesn't eat my prepaid minutes, either!

There is a slight delay in the service, but for international cellphone calls @ 2 cents a minute, who can complain?!

1/13/2006 03:14:00 AM  

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