Sunday, April 24, 2005

Prayin' &Playin'

I got drug to chuch this morning. Yeah, chuch. Not church, there is a difference1. I find it really hard to sit through the service when I disagree with about 50% of what the guy is saying. But I don't go for me, I go for Shay. She deserves support, and she's always given it to me.

We sat next to Lindsay (sp?), she looked like she was doing well. Which is a lot better than last time we'd seen her. I guess I can stop worrying about her. I got the impression that she still doesn't trust me. Well, she speaks to me, and thats more than I get out of most of Shay's friends. I guess I should be happy.

After chuch, we (Shay, her mom, Pops, & I) went to Fire Mountain Grill for lunch. Watching toddlers wrangle bigger-than-they burgers, and the baby girl with the paintbrush hairdo provided the after meal entertainment. Good fun.

Erin called during/after lunch, so we met up with her for some coffee. She seemed to be doing alright. Surviving. Gotta remember to check up on her in a few days, just in case.

Sharon said it best a few days ago. The people she went to school with pretty much do a 180 when they graduate Northside; good kids drink & smoke, and the troublemakers are in school... I say thats what happens when you trap a person in such a tightly regimented Christian environment for their entire lives--they can't function in society.

Like I can function in society...

<CENSORED>Shit</CENSORED>, there goes that theory.

Sharon's dad was home by the time we made it back to the house this afternoon. We played some games, ate some pizza. The plan was originally to head on out tonight, but we decided that leaving in the morning wouldn't affect the ETA much. So we played more games.

Tonight's Score Card

Roy & I: 10
Shay & Roxy: 8

Rummikub Dice
Shay: 34
Roxy: 42
Me: 50 Pops: 34

Roxy: 225
Pops: 255
Me: 245

Shay: 110
Roxy: 115
Me: 130
Roy: 370

1 Church is just the building; chuch is what happens inside on (generally) Sunday morning.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Of Baby Showers & Birthday Parties

Yesterday was spent entirely on the road. We finaly escaped San Antonio about 8 Thursday night, and drove to just past Houston before we stopped for the night. The truck is a real <CENSORED>bitch</CENSORED> to drive, and it eats gas faster than you can imagine.

We pulled into Charlotte this afternoon, in time for Nell's baby shower. Dropped Shay off & met a bunch of people I've already forgotten. My dad & I unloaded the car and went driving around while the women folk did their stuff. After the shower, Pops decided it was time to call it a day & we dropped him off @ the hotel.

For dinner, Shay & I went to a birthday party for this guy, Ben, that she went to school with. A few of her friends were going, and she thought it would be a good chance to see them. Unfortunately they pretty much ignored us--which is usualy the case--and we were the first to leave.

Spent the rest of the night just chillin @ her 'rent's house, watching TV & playing cards. Super exciting, I know, but a welcome change from the last few crazy days. We're probably leaving sometime tomorrow evening, after Shay's dad gets back from Ohio.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


We've been running around like chickenless heads all day. There was way more stuff at Jeni & Trevor's than I was led to belive, the 6 boxes that were still in my parent's storage room were buried @ the bottom of the back corner (of course, duh!) and we still haven't picked up the car tow. On top of it all my dad got off work early, and was ready to leave by 4pm. How nice for us. It'll be a few days before he stops bitching about how irresponsible, blah, blah, blah.... We're still gunna make it outta here by 8.

Crap, and we haven't picked up the pics from HEB yet, either. I hope we don't forget.

Here's the new, improved, revised schedule
Today leave by 8 pm
Tomorrow drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Knee walking, commode hugging DRUNK

Last night was party night

Needless to say, I don't *remember* staying up till 5am. Aparently neither do Jeni or Trevor, who both called in sick this morning. Poor Trevor. He partied a lil too hardy last night. Just glad that I didn't haveta put up with that. Most of the night is a blur, but that just means it was a good party. I sure am gunna miss these guys. Remind me why we're moving, again...

For family time, we're gunna take my mom, bro, and sis to the outlet mall and then have dinner with my aunt and uncle. They just got a new house. I'm sure they don't mind me posting a link to some pics, so here they be.

Since we slept till 1 this afternoon, here's another look at our week

Here's the new, improved schedule
This Morning recover
This Afternoon family time
Tomorrow Morning pack
Tomorrow evening leave by 6 pm
Friday drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


“Anything hard isn't worth doing - Homer Simpson” -- My lil bro's t-shirt

We didn't finish packing. We picked up the uHaul (an hour late, without the car tow) and emptied our storage room. What was in a 10'x10' store room now takes up all the ground space in the 24' truck. Says a lot about our packing skills huh? We gave up and washed the car instead. It was way more fun to spray eachother with the hose than lug boxes around. Even my lil sis helped.

My dad has to work Thursday, so we'll be hanging around until he gets off. Shouldn't really affect our arrival time. I hope.

Here's the new schedule
Tonight party
Wednesday Morning pack
Wednesday Afternoon family time
Thursday leave by 6 pm
Friday drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Home, Sweet, Home

It's good to be back in SA. Too bad the weather is worse here than it was in Massachusetts. Oh well *sigh*, can't have everything, I guess. Off the plane & straight to the hotel, heh, I was only joking when I said that was the plan. Well, only slightly joking. But it turned out to be a great idea! Shay made it worth the wait. I'm such a lucky guy!

Dinner @ Olive Garden was nice, and so was seeing my 'rents again. Too bad we're leaving Thursday.

EDIT The plan for the week:
Tomorrow pack
Tomorrow Night party
Wednesday family time
Thursday leave by noon
Friday drive
Saturday @ Shay's 'rents by 1pm

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Free Song

Since I'm in such a good mood, here's a free song: FCC3K90SIW. Happy <CENSORED>FUCKING</CENSORED> Friday!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Adelphia vs BM5k

The history

In case you're just tuning in, allow me to bring you up to speed: I'm settling in to my new apartment here in Gloucester, MA. I've finaly gotten the electricity (and thus heat) on, and everything that came with me moved in. This means I have a bed, a computer, and some clothes. The move and paying rent on 2 apts has completely wiped me out cash wise, so I've been trying to save by not going out. Since April first I've been trying to get some form of internet hooked up so I can do *something* without leaving my apt. And that brings us to last week.

Gloucester has a contract with Adelphia cable, so that pretty much narrows it down.


After taking the 30 minutes to go and wait in line at the Adelphia branch office about 2 miles from here, I finaly get up to the counter. I tell the guy I want cable hooked up, just internet (no tv until my wife & stuff get here in a couple weeks) and he punches in my address and starts listing all their fees. 29.95 for the cable guy to come out and activate the cable (@ the box), and check the service at your house; 39.95$ for professional internet install (I assume a guy comes to your house with the modem and a lan cable); 5$/month modem rental fee, and subscription starts (slowest speed ~ 1.5mbps) @ 54.95$/month for first payment of $129.85. (but you added it up already, didn't you?) Then, later, when I want to add TV, its an extra 49.95/month for the basic cable (Channels 2-99) and another 29.95 setup fee.

This may seem all well and good to you guys, but its quite the culture shock for me. All these fees... and the high rates... it seems like an awful lot compared to what I expected. I mean, I know that everything is more expensive here in New England, but <CENSORED> fuck </CENSORED>.

So then I tell the guy that I'll pay the monthly rate if he waves the install fee. Other companies are glad to do this. Especially if you don't need some high school kid to set your computer up for you, which I don't. They don't even have to ship the modem, I can pick it up right in the office. No problem. I can pay with a credit card, in advance, so they don't have to send someone to my house, just out to the neighborhood box. If it doesn't work, then I can call in and they can send a tech over, and then I can pay to fix it.

The verdict

“Just turn it on. I'll pay in advance. Just turn it on, and if it doesn't work, I'll call. If we can't get it to work, I'll worry about fixing it.”

“That's not our policy, sir. We're required [by policy] to send a technician out to verify your service is connected. We're required [by policy] to do a full install of your modem. We're required [by policy] to charge you the setup fees. We can't waive any of it.”

The Breakdown

Time warner, digital cable, dvr, internet : ~80$/month. no install fee, no set up fee. Tech comes to your house, hooks up the box, drops off the modem. No charge.

Adelphia basic cable, internet: ~115$/month, setup fee, install fee, guy comes over and <CENSORED> dicks </CENSORED> with your computer, monthly equipment rentals.

Hooking cellphone up to pc, not so fast, slightly better than 56K access.... Included with PCS Vision, for now: 20$/month (that I already pay) & 20$ for data cable

Modding data cable so I can charge my fone @ the same time, *priceless*

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Gmail Invite #1

Here's a gmail invite for the first lucky winner! Click Here!

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Day 1 Post 1

I've wanted to get this started for a while, so here it goes. . . o O (Hopefully it doesn't wind up like all my other projects: dead.)

I just moved into a new appartment in Gloucester, MA. For those of you that don't know, its about as far north and east as you can get in MA (esp if you're from south Texas like this guy.) When I left CT last summer, I swore I'd never move back to New England--I <CENSORED>FUCKING</CENSORED> HATE snow-that lasted less than 6 months.

Just goes to prove that everyone has a price, even me. Gloucester is a nice, little, *quaint* fishing village (remember “The Perfect Storm”? No? Me either; never saw it. Well that's Gloucester, or so I'm told.) Anyway I am roughing it in my new place till my wife and all my furniture get here from Texas. I've got my trusty mac, my cell phone, and a twin mattress on the floor. Needless to say, I spend a LOT of time at work.

The good news is that the worst is over. Only 5 days until I fly back to pick up my woman, car, and the rest of my stuff.

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