Wednesday, January 25, 2006

All Caught Up

With the power vested in me by Ecto, I've caught up on my blogging.

And the peasants rejoice!

This week I didn't really do anything. Which is good, because it means I didn't spend much money. And that's whats important. Staying not broke. I talked to Sharon quite a bit on Tuesday. It was nice. She seems to be holding down the fort quite well. I knew she could handle it. She's been trying to keep herself busy. I know the feeling.

After watching the miniseries of BG, I was pretty into the show. Now, after watching almost the entire first season, I've gotta say I think they are overdoing the religion thing quite a bit. I'm not sure I wanna continue watching. I mean... It is interesting, but for a couple episodes, I felt like I was listening to a church sermon. Not exactly what I want to pay 2$ an episode for, if you know what I mean. What kept me going was the fact that it didn't entirely kill the story. Every episode can't be great. *shrug* And I am pretty interested in the characters. Even if they're an unlikely bunch. I guess that might be what makes it good.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get ready for work.


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