Friday, January 06, 2006

Checked in

Well, I've finally arrived in Japan. I checked into my hotel about an hour ago. Its nice. Small, but nice. Everything is crazy clean. I'm beat from the trip, but I've got the night shift tomorrow. Figures. If I go to sleep now, I doubt I'll be able to sleep before work. But there is no way I'll be awake for long.

There's only one word to describe the trip. Long. I left my house at 7am, and it was just after 8 am Eastern Time when I checked in to the hotel.

The flight from Logan to O'Hare was late arriving. The Chicago-Tokyo flight was overbooked, so I was lucky getting on the second (and last) flight out of Chicago. Then the flight was delayed leaving....

I made it to Tokyo with enough time to run to the other terminal to catch my last flight to Hiroshima. By the time I got to Hiroshima, I had to walk a few blocks to the airport hotel to cash a traveler's check so I'd have enough cash for the taxi.

I took a few pics on the way, mostly out of sheer boredom, but you can still check them out on my flickr page. I created a set just for the trip, and I'll be adding photos to there as I take them.

Well, I've already talked to Sharon, so I guess that's it. I'm goin to bed.



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