Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crossing animals.

I haven't played my DS since I left home. And only because I'm bitter about the WiFi here @ the hotel. Its free, but won't work with the DS because you have to click a button on a web form to activate it. Free internet that has to be activated pisses me off. Places like Panera do it too. Fuck, even if you pay for WiFi @ Starbucks, you have to submit a web form before you can get online. In addition to meaning this won't work for the DS, it won't work for any WiFi enabled device that doesn't have a built in browser. IE Skype phones, etc...

Well, I digress. I've busted out the DS & started playing, again. All the aminals were pissed that I'd been gone an entire month. It took me damn near 45 minutes to clear all the weeds.

But the entire reason I started writing about this is: I think I've found a bug in AC:WW. I noticed this a LONG time ago, but I just got around to bitching about it. When you fish in the river, the bobber moves down stream, just like AC. However, when you fish in the ocean, the bobber still moves down. Exactly opposite the expected behavior. They got this right in AC for GC. How'd it escape detection this time?


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