Sunday, January 08, 2006


I just got back from work, and man, am I beat.

The local FSEs think nothing of working a 14hr shift. In fact, thats the norm. They don't work anything less. All I've done since I've been here is sleep, eat, & work. Kinda like usual on the weekend. Hopefully I'll recover enough today to go out to eat with James tonight.

I woke up early on Saturday afternoon (early since I had to be at work at 8pm), and took a short walk. There doesn't seem to be much around here. A couple of restaurants, several car dealerships. There is a rather large electronics store, Deodeo. But not much else. I think the people at the front desk tried to tell me where the bank was, which is good, seeing as they don't cash traveler's checks here. But its a holiday weekend, so they'll be closed until Tuesday! Shibata-San loaned me 10k yen (about 100$) so I should be good until then, but I was pretty freaked out being in a foreign country with no access to money.

I've had a chance to check out a couple of the restaurants near the hotel, not too bad. As a matter of fact, I've eaten only Japanese food since I've been here. I will say that I can stand most of it, and even like some of it, but wouldn't say its my favorite. They like things cold and/or raw, and bland. I like things cooked, hot, and spicy.

Hopefully they're done cleaning my room now, so I can get some rest.


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