Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Camera!

I went by the electronics store near James' hotel to look at getting a new SD card. On my way to check out, I passed by their digital cameras. Below the Nikon D50 (the camera that I've been thinking about buying since a few days before I left) was an Olympus E300, on sale for about $550. I played around with the demo unit, and asked the sales guy how long the price was good for. He said they only had one left. So I bought it. With a 1gig CF card, a USB card reader, and tax I was out the door for just over $700.

Its an awesome camera. 8 mega pixel digital SLR with a 14-55mm digital lens. I charged the battery up for a bit, and then took a few pictures with it tonight. I'll upload them to my flickr account soon.

Other than that, not much happened today. Went out to eat. Bought Sharon a present, looked at some cologne for myself. I'm still not sure what I want to get everyone else. At this point, I don't even know who I need to get stuff for. I'd like to get something small for my parents & siblings. Like I just said, I already got Sharon something. I also think it'd be nice to get some stuff for a few of our friends back home, but everything is so expensive! Oh, and I bought a few books and a magazine today. Gotta have something to do during the downtime at work.

I tried to recover the pics on the miniSD card, but when I put it in the card reader, it crashed my computer. I tried formatting the card, as a last resort, but that failed as well.

I'm pissed. We've had this card less than a year. I guess this trip just isn't so great for electronics. My BT headset died. It's been hangin in there for a month or so now, but its totally crapped out on me. I don't think it'll ever work again. Another $80 down the tube. I just can't believe that it didn't even last 4 months. Too bad its passed the 90 day return policy @ radio shack. I've gotten really spoiled having it. So spoiled, that I'm thinking about buying another one when I get back to the states.


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