Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I went back to Hiroshima today, went shopping, again. Bought that cologne that I'd looked at yesterday. I decided that Shay'll probably like it too. Had lunch at a Thai place, it was pretty good. Discovered that I can't stand eggplant. James and I went to the Art Museum, and to Hiroshima Castle. I took a bunch of pics, and even uploaded some of them. After Meuki (sp?) got off of work, she joined us for dinner at an all you can eat/drink place. For $30 you get 90 minutes to gorge yourself. Once again, I caught the last train.

I forgot that I'd repaid Shibata-San, so I had 10k yen less than I thought, and had to wait at the station, and pay more, for a cab that accepted credit cards. D'oh!

One of the things I dislike about having a better camera, is that it makes the bad pics that much worse! I'm seriously thinking about taking some amateur photography lessons when I get home.


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