Thursday, February 09, 2006

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I've been going through my news reader *ahem* and decided that instead of just staring all of the entries that I want to blog about, I'd actually write about them. Brilliant!!

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#330 Daily Source Code for Monday February 6th 2006
by Adam Curry

USB Power Injector by ThoughtFix

I've been thinking about something like this for a while, since the USB jacks on the back of Apple's Pro Keyboards are somewhat useless low power ports, there's always at least one that stays empty. I was pretty sure that something like this would be possible. After looking at the tutorials on HackADay for building battery chargers for USB devices, the only thing keeping me from trying it out has been a complete abundance of free time.

ThoughtFix takes all the guess work, and most of the actual work, out of the project, with a very nice (and well pic'd) walkthrough. Its complete with hand drawn schematics.

The blog he's posted this to is a side project, devoted to his Nokia 770. Worth a read, and I'll definitely checking out his main site as well.

The MacMini Portable on Engadget

Engadget's carrying this story about Peter Green's ~$700 Mac Mini portable. Interesting, but I'd be willing to bet that it's a little to refined to take off, unlike the next news item...

Original i-Tablet being sold on eBay on Engadget

Also on Engadget, the i-Tablet. The one of a kind mod'd iBook, that simply looks amazing. Creator Joseph DeRuvo is auctioning the device to fund bigger and better projects. Check out the auction here. The price has gone from $700 to $710 in the last ten minutes. Too bad I gotta ask my wiff before I make the killer bid.


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