Friday, April 07, 2006


I haven't really felt like writing much lately. Not for a lack of things to say, but for a lack of time. I've been constantly moving, it seems like every waking moment was filled by something that got between me and the keys.

I have had ample camera time. Ample as in uploading 1gig of photos to flickr so far this month (In the first 6 days alone!). I've also managed to write a bit, which I hope to get up here sooner rather than later.

Today, I've got motive and opportunity, but I'm still hungover from KS' send off last night. I've had the shakes all day, and it doesn't look like they're gunna let up.

I'll be back in the states next week, and should have the time to catch up on everything then, if I don't get it done this weekend.


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